The media leads us to believe that crowdfunding is the perfect solution to a start-up’s financing needs. The truth is that crowdfunding can be just as difficult and complicated as any other form of fund raising. The information in this section will you to navigate the difficult terrain related to crowdfunding and increase your chances for success.


Picking The Right Platform

Bring Your Own Friends to the Party

Seek Media Support for Your Crowd Funding Effort

Some Companies Aren’t a Good Fit for Crowd Funding

How Much Money Should You Raise in Crowd Funding?

Daily Updates Are Necessary

Contact the Crowdfunding Company Before you Start a Campaign

How To Raise $50K in Crowdfunding

The Realpolitik of Crowdfunding

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  1. Crowdfunding backers can give valuable criticism about your undertaking. There can be little hazard included contrasted with different business ventures. The more imagination and fun you have, the more probable you’ll get supported.

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