Are your Employees Ready to Deal with Mistakes

How quickly can your employees bounce back from mistakes and remain flexible in how they operate? Did you hire employees for a specific, focused skill set or did you choose employees that will thrive in a dynamic environment where constant adjustments are necessary.

As a manager, it is your duty to motivate employees and make sure they are on the right track. If your venture hits a roadblock and a change in course is necessary, how will you deal with that situation? What actions can you do to get employees back on the right track and try again?

Thumbs UpTry this: Make employees involved in the decision process. Employees want to feel like they are part of a team. Constantly involve employees of all levels in your decisions. Repeatedly ask them, “what would you do?”.

Thumbs Down

Avoid This: Don’t brush off the changes and mistakes as trivial actions that are just part of the job. Acknowledge the mistakes and changes that must be made and make sure they are learning experiences.

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