Competing for Mindshare

Competing for MindshareWhen you are finally ready to launch your venture and enter the market you will be competing for mindshare. Mindshare is just a fancy way of saying “attention”. To be successful, a manager must understand why customers would be willing to pay attention to your product or service in light of everything else that is going on in their lives. In most cases, you not only need the customer to devote attention to your product / service, you also need to convince them to change their behavior and abandon another product or service that has become part of their lives. This is no easy task.



Thumbs UpTry This: Think of interesting ways to capture the attention of your customer base. New, innovative strategies will be necessary to stand out from the crowd. Whether these are direct, in-person strategies to engage customers one-on-one or mass market virtual strategies, all ideas should be considered.


Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t just focus your marketing and messaging on product awareness, focus on why your product is necessary. Customers can become easily aware of your product but still unsure as to why its relevant to them.

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