Daily Updates Are Necessary

UpdatesDaily updates are necessary in order to keep an audience engaged with your crowd funding campaign. Blog, post, e-mail, do whatever it takes to keep a steady stream of information in front of your audience. Potential contributors wants to hear about the progress your campaign is making.

The easiest way to update your campaign is to provide a steady stream of information regarding the amount of money you’ve raised. Keep audiences abreast of your status and how quickly you’re bringing in new funding. Even if the amounts are small, it will be of note to your audience and help to engage visitors.

It may be necessary to run a campaign within a campaign for your crowd funding effort. Mix up your messaging with new themes and promotions. The message of “we’re trying to raise money” isn’t enough. Be creative in your effort to convince supporters. Make it clear to your audience the benefit they will receive by using your product or service.

For them to be involved, your audience wants to make sure that you are gaining widespread support. Visitors will be more likely to become supporters if they feel others are involved in the campaign. Generally, no one wants to be involved in a struggling campaign, but many will want to be involved in a popular campaign. Thus, its important to convey the idea that your campaign is gaining in popularity. Try to work with product champions to help spread the message regarding your campaign. Make sure that supporters do more than simply contribute money, they also need to help spread awareness.

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