Dealing with Delays

People waiting for job interviewMost entrepreneurs have Type A, driven personalities. This mindset doesn’t always go well with the idea that start-up ventures are notoriously fraught with delays. Can you be consciously unproductive? At a start-up venture trying to establish a foothold in the market, sometimes you have to wait for a natural course of action to take hold. You can’t force results. Sometimes it takes time for the market to accept your idea or general presence in the sector.

As part of a new venture, you are trying to start a company and a new idea that doesn’t currently exist. As you move forward with this idea, there will be delays. Delays can come in the form of industry participants (or competitors) pushing back against your venture, vendors unclear on how to support your product/service, or internal conflict such as employee turnover, or any number of other scenarios.

While a Type A, driven personality may have been the personality trait that birthed the idea supporting your venture, it’s a different mindset that will allow a venture to succeed. An entrepreneur’s greatest gift is patience and persistence. Roadblocks are temporary impediments to your progress. They can be successfully navigated with experience gained through perseverance.

Thumbs UpTry This: Adopt a perspective that allows for self-reflection. Perseverance can be better achieved if you have a keen understanding of how far you’ve come.



Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t try to force your way through delays. That will likely only increase the pressure in any situation.

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