Don’t Lose Focus

jDesperation is a complex emotion in the realm of start-ups. If a venture isn’t experiencing the level of growth it was expecting, it can quickly lead to a sense of desperation. This sense of desperation can often lead a loss of focus. In these times of despair its important to stick to the venture’s game plan. Have faith in the model that investors, employees, and partners have supported. While flexibility is a key attribute of any good entrepreneur, there is a fine line between being flexible and losing focus.

As you move through the product development cycle towards launch, focus on the core product. As a firm, discuss whether add-ons or product extensions and changes of strategy will help or hurt your venture. Will they result in a better experience for the end user or will it derail your focus and minimize your chances of actually achieving a successful launch?

If the core product doesn’t work well, add-ons or extensions will likely just confuse the customer, in addition to taking away from internal development resources. It may be the case that add-ons or product modifications are just trying to make up for a lack of core functionality. While there is no sage advice to guarantee functionality, the best trick is to simply focus on the core. A strong core will allow any developmental growth. A weak core will doom any product or service. At the end of the day, no upgrades or fixes will help if the core technology doesn’t work.

Thumbs UpTry This: Focus on the core idea. Make sure the core value proposition is working. While modifications are fine, they should be small tweaks to better position the product for success, not drastic modifications that change the scope of your venture.



Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t modify/add-on/revise the product if the core value is not working. If the core value isn’t working, a complete overhaul and change of strategy may be necessary.

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