Government Money

Compass with magnifier and money on mapGovernment money is another possibility regarding sources of capital. Grants are available through most government organizations. This is true on a federal level, a state level and even a municipal level. While its highly unlikely that grant money would be able to fund your entire venture, these grants can help to subsidize some of the costs you will incur. Monies are available for specific areas such as research, technology, job placement and training.

Bear in mind, when applying for grants, you will be in competition with both other firms as well as grant writers. An entire industry has been created where individuals act as grant writers, in an effort to write proposals to secure government available funds. Thus, the area is highly competitive and you may need an expert to guide you through the landscape.

Thumbs UpTry This: If you are serious about government grants, hire an experienced grant writer to help you navigate the territory.




Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t expect government grants to provide you with sufficient capital to provide your complete funding, most likely the grants are available to support specific projects or initiatives.

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