Lawyers will NOT Speed things Up

Lawyers Will Not Speed Things UpBy nature lawyers don’t move too quickly. They are paid to be cautious. While a lawyer is a necessary evil, lawyers will not speed up your time to market. Be aware that different intermediaries are often required to be involved in your company. Aside from lawyers themselves, many states or industries require a business agent. Other states and industries require registration agents. In addition, most lawyers will suggest (and investors will require) the use of an accountant to audit financials.

Thumbs UpTry this: make sure you ask your counsel what requirements your state has regarding incorporation. It might make sense to avoid a particular location due to taxes, fees, and other financial requirements.



Thumbs DownDon’t try this: Don’t ignore certain requirements simply because you think they’re silly or unnecessary. There may be many bureaucratic, red-tape hassles that stand in the way of your brilliant idea, but ignoring them will only make things worse.

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