Motivating Employees for the Long Haul

The best way to motivate employees and keep them committed for the long-term is by creating an environment focused on the future. The easiest way to create this environment is by building a sense of stability in the workplace. If employees feel like they are working in a stable environment, the mental anguish associated with working in a high-risk start-up can be mitigated.

Creating a stable working environment can be as easy as introducing a set of routines for employees. While start-ups need to be nimble and flexible enough to change strategy at a moment’s notice, that doesn’t mean that all tasks need to be ad-hoc last minute projects. To the extent possible, build a sense of regularity. For example, keeping regular office hours may be a good way to set this precedent. Create a set of tasks that need to be performed every day. That way, there may be a stream of never-ending projects that pop-up at the last minute, but when things calm down employees can return to the staple tasks that need to be performed every day.

Thumbs UpTry This: Work with individual employees to create schedules regarding routine work they should be doing on a daily basis.




Thumbs DownAvoid This: While routines are important, don’t let them stand in the way of the sense of urgency surrounding any start-up environment.

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