Picking the Right Platform

Crowd Funding

The first major decision you will have to make when contemplating a crowd funding campaign is which platform is right for your initiative. This decision is important to make sure you receive the right amount of support. Picking the right platform will also ensure that you are placed in front of the right audience.

While Kickstarter may receive the most amount of attention, its platform isn’t a good fit for businesses looking for funding. Kickstarter is geared more towards creative endeavors. Filmmakers may find success raising millions on Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right platform for a start-up looking to secure financing for its business plan.

Businesses should look at other platforms, like Indiegogo, which have a focus on, or specialize in, helping to raise capital for small businesses.  You’ll see that IndieGoGo has a special section focused on helping businesses. This will ensure that the right audience is focused on your campaign.

Other platforms are out there and they may be best for your needs. While other platforms may exist, they are likely to be less popular, meaning they have a smaller audience and receive less attention from the press. You’ll have to balance this dynamic with other factors that may weigh in your favor (such as more focused attention, specialization in a certain industry, etc.).

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