Product Champions Help Your Venture Go Viral

spread 3The media is not the only party that is helpful in gaining awareness and attention for your venture. Your venture will need product champions that help to spread the word on your start-up. Product champions will help to promote your product within their circle of influence. As compared to paid media, product champions spread awareness of your venture because they want to not because they are paid to do it.

Product champions take a vested interest in your venture by leading discussions on your start-up within their social network. Beyond simply highlighting your venture on Facebook or Twitter, a product champion will talk about your venture at cocktail parties and other social events. Ideally, your product champions will exist in different social circles and environments. This will help to achieve maximum exposure across a broad market segment.

In addition to buying your product or service, a product champion will actively try to convince others to support your offering. In an ideal situation, a product champion would be willing to invest in your venture, as this is the ultimate declaration of support. These individuals are not just promoting your venture, they believe in your venture to such an extent that they want to see it succeed.

So while its important to spend time working towards gaining media attention for your venture, its even more important to get a small network of product champions who will be the foot soldiers in your battle to spread awareness about your venture.

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