Project Management

Assuming you’ve asked the right questions and reviewed potential vendors, the difficulty related to project management comes into play. While your development firm may have a project manager, you as the budding entrepreneur will also have to manage this project manager. As the leader of a start-up, you’ll repeatedly find that you’ll have to manager the manager. An important element of this situation is to be careful what you approve. All tasks on a development work scope (the outline of all activities that need to be accomplished) will need to be approved by you, the client.

Never sign-off on a work order or progress report until you fully understand the work completed. When you sign-off on a progress report, you are legally acknowledging that the developer has performed their job. If you don’t understand the work being performed, have the firm explain it to you in laymen’s terms. At no point should you ever sign-off on a progress report where the completed work is ambiguous or theoretical. If your development firm says they have completed work, they need to show you proof that work has been completed.

Thumbs UpTry This: Stay on task from day one and make sure the programmers know that you are holding them accountable for all the work.



Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t micromanage in areas where you have no expertise. Either hire an outside project manner, if necessary, to provide the expertise, or find a way to bring yourself up to speed on the nuances of the project.

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