FSeasonality is a factor that could have an impact on your launch. Its important to understand both the seasonal trends related to sales and corporate performance, but also the underlying trends that lead up to that seasonality. For example, while your business may be subject to seasonality with the bulk of your sales occurring during the summer months, you must also understand whether seasonality is related to pre-sale marketing. In other words, simply because your sales occur during the summer season, does that mean the purchase decision was made during the same season, or was that a process which was in effect for several months before the actual “seasonality” kicked in.

As you understand seasonality and the trends underlying the ramp up and wind down of seasonality, you’ll be better suited to create a custom launch for your venture. Unfortunately, the product life cycle of a venture leading up to launch and a market’s natural seasonality don’t always run in coordination. Its likely the question will arise as to whether it is better to do a limited launch prior to the completion of a product in order to take advantage of seasonal opportunities or should the venture wait for a complete product for launch despite the fact that seasonality has passed.

Thumbs UpTry This: Look at other players in the industry and understand their sales cycle. Do their efforts mirror the seasonality of the actual sales or is there a large ramp-up period.



Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t sit back and assume that sales will increase during your period of peak seasonality. Understand the market and the factors underlying seasonality.

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