The Realpolitik of Crowdfunding

PoliticsThe hardest part of any crowdfunding effort is the realpolitik element of the campaign. Unfortunately, human nature dictates that few people want to be involved in an unpopular campaign. People are more likely to become involved in your crowdfunding effort if they see other people are involved. Thus, there is an irony that a crowdfunding campaign will become most popular only if it seems popular. In order to create an heir of popularity, it may become necessary to play parties against each other.

One way to play politics is to face small groups against each other. For example, if you have a group of 5 to 10 supporters who know each other, appeal to them directly and tell them how one member of the group has not only voiced their support, but also contributed financially to your campaign. In other words, try to guilt the rest of the members into participation. Once you have had success with a small group, move on to a larger group, highlighting how you were able to convince a group of 5 to 10 supporters to come up with several thousand dollars of funding. Make the campaign competitive amongst individual groups. By positioning the small group of supporters as early adopters, and highlighting how the campaign is gaining steam and becoming more popular, you may be able to convince a larger group to support your effort. Like any political campaign, this effort must be done on a grassroots basis appealing directly to the individual, with each individual receiving a specific tailored message.

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