“Vining” for Attention

Marketing in an ADHD World

Count to six.

vine-logoAs consumer attention spans continue to dwindle, it seems that Vine, the video based social media app that allows users to create and share six second films (on a continuous loop), could be the new measurable for how long you have to make an impression in today’s white noise world.

I’ll label it the “Twitter of Video”, Vine limits videos to six seconds because we assume, in part, the developers found that was about the right amount of time and content to keep a person engaged. As a comparison, that’s nine seconds shorter than Instagram, which sets their video time limit at 15 seconds, and now seems like “the old way of doing things”.


That nine second difference represents a 60% drop in time and seems to support available industry data on the subject of The Average Attention Span (see chart above) and speaks to the overall trend of trying to deliver content in a more aesthetically pleasing and quicker fashion, as we see more websites adopting the Pinterest type model/layout, where imagery holds exceedingly more importance over verbiage.

So, as you review your ad/marketing strategy, why not apply the Vine constraint to other forms of media and set a workable benchmark for what your allowable time is (six seconds) to get your point across? If nothing else, it’s a good exercise to become more efficient with your approach and incite more with less. As an example, companies like Lowe’s have even harnessed Vine’s quick hitter platform, creating a series of six second, home improvement films, as part of their award winning “Lowe’s Fix in Six” campaign.

loading_attention_span_by_bongoskillz-d6smur0In the end, you’re continually competing for your customers’ attention and need to make sure your messaging can be easily digested. Whether browsing Facebook’s news feed, watching TV or receiving push notifications from one of their countless mobile apps (all at the same time), your customers are being pulled in a multitude of directions and won’t have more than a brief few seconds to consider what you’re trying to sell them.

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