You will make mistakes

You Will Make MistakesNo matter what idea you’ve created, no matter in what industry you operate, no matter how much skill and experience you have under your belt, you will make mistakes. The key is how quickly you can bounce back from mistakes.

Realistically, most of the decisions you make will be mistakes. Its important to understand that intrinsically entrepreneurs are in a new environment, things are different, and the terrain is unclear. Mistakes are inevitable.

Use this operational ambiguity as a positive. Its important to understand that knowing what you must do to succeed will come about more quickly if you have a good understanding of what you shouldn’t do. Most of the start-up life is trial and error.

Thumbs UpTry This: Constantly discuss what mistakes have occurred within your venture. Make your team aware that its all about self improvement and learning. Make sure they know that you went into this venture understanding that mistakes would be made. You’ve raised sufficient capital to deal with these mistakes and its important they use any mistakes as a learning experience.


Thumbs DownAvoid This: Don’t brush off mistakes. Don’t say “it doesn’t matter”. Don’t move on quickly without a full understanding of what went wrong in your past mistakes.


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