How to Launch | An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting New Ventures

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the US Open

There are great insights entrepreneurs can learn from the US Open.

Start-up Position Available

One of our contacts in Chicago, IL is looking to fulfill a Director of Merchandising position at a fast growing start-up. The position is described below. If you are interested e-mail us @   I’m looking for a smart, hungry, experienced person to fill a merchandising role on my...

Managing the Manager

There comes a time in every start-up’s journey where you will inevitably have to go outside the team you’ve assembled (which could be just you) to get something done, whether it be to build a web site, mobile app, architectural/product designs, etc. Yes, we know, while it’s nice to think...

Spend Money to Make Money

What is the right marketing budget? This is a loaded question and can depend on the type of business you are, i.e. do you get co-op dollars, your status (start-up, growing, established, etc.) and the industry you’re in (factoring in the amount of competition vying for the same customers you are). While...

Do You Play the Lottery?

By their nature, entrepreneurs are like gamblers. They are willing to take huge risks in order to win it all. In many ways the Lotto is a perfect representation of the start-up world. The odds may be against you, but the payoff can be immense. If you are wondering if...

Why Your Start-Up Will:

Burn THREE times more cash than expected.
Take TWO times longer to launch than expected.
Have ONE chance to make it right.

How To LAUNCH is broken down into four main subject matters, all of which play a pivotal role in any start-up's success. Use the sections identified above as a guide for developing the best course of action and learn more from seasoned entrepreneurs about what to expect, what to try, and what to avoid along the way.